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What is SEO? A Quick Guide to Search Engine Optimization

SEO, (search engine optimization), is the process of optimizing a website to be discovered by search engines. On average, Google runs more than 8 billion search queries each month.

It is through search engine optimization and incorporating the right keywords in your content that your website will show on the first page of these search results.

Just as traders believe that frontline business gets more customers, SEO also takes you one step ahead. So, using SEO will help you get noticed and boost your finances.

Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs an SEO expert

There is no doubt that your business absolutely needs SEO. The following benefits are important to established and new businesses:

Traffic that can convert

When a user searches for something online, thousands or millions of results appear. However, in many cases, the customer will likely click the results that appear at the top of these pages.

We are SEO experts and are currently ranking on Google page 1.  If your website is not appearing on the first page of Google, you are losing clients. Let us fix that.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Knowing your ROI in SEO is essential. You will have the chance to see your traffic and conversion rates. You can also keep track of who is spending what time on which page of your site.


 Keep in mind that SEO plays a big role in identifying your target audience and streamlining your marketing efforts on them making it cost-effective.

Unlike television advertisements that are seen by everyone, including people who have no connection at all or no interest in the products, your website will only appear when your target customer searches for relevant products or services.

Improved website usability

I cannot stress enough how crucial SEO is to a business. It improves website usability in that your online visitors will be able to access it with ease. Your audience will not spend more than a minute if your site is slow, has design flaws, or is not easy to navigate.

On the other hand, a user-friendly website will guide its users through the buyer’s journey and get them into your online booking engine.

Create Brand Awareness

As word of mouth spreads, SEO Services makes your online business known to the world. Anyone who sees your website above the search results will find that it is the best. This is enough to generate a click and make it known beyond the borders.

The Best effective Approach

The success of an online business depends on the SEO practices that you will employ. The right optimization strategies and actions will make your website rank your site high on the search engines.

SEO services in New York

Using our SEO services, we help national, local, and international companies grow on the internet. Not showing up in search results? You need us.

When someone types a phrase or a query that is related to your business, you want your website to appear on the first page of Google. We are familiar with the set rules that Google uses to determine the relevance of a website.

At present, the SEO world is full of companies competing for space.  The secret for ranking is having a comprehensive SEO package; from research, design to implementation, and testing of existing strategies.

The organic SEO is phenomenally a widespread, controversial, and ridiculed industry. It is hidden and inappropriately bombarded with spam-like home pages and links.

One thing that is generally agreed is that organic SEO can be exceptionally powerful and valued if done well.

Effective Keyword Research

Each SEO campaign begins with a careful analysis of keywords, competition, business, and services.

It’s important to understand what inspires your potential customers and how they conduct online searches. All of this can have a significant impact on your target keywords and set goals for the first day.

Conducting a thorough competitive analysis is important for your online business. It is obvious that there are many businesses out there offering similar products or services like you.

It is good to know about them in order to stay one step ahead. Additionally, you will be able to identify the kind of threat they present. Here is how to conduct your competitor analysis;

-Identify your top 10 competitors

-Analyze their SEO structure

-Look at their social media integration

-Analyze and compare competitor content

-Identify areas for improvement

Keyword research remains the most important first step in any SEO strategy. These phrases and words are related to your products and services. They are the keywords that your target audience uses to search on Google or other search engines.

Get your Business found Online with our SEO Services

How we rank sites

On-site optimization

On-site optimization, otherwise known as on-page SEO is the process of optimizing elements on a website. On-page SEO will enable search engine spiders not only to find your website but rank web pages that are relevant.

Web Content is king. Make sure your content is high-quality and is relevant to your target market. Your website should be user-friendly and has an HHTPS certificate.

If there are broken URLs, fix them.  It is absolutely crucial that you have a mobile responsive website. Many users use their phones or tablets to search online.

Our On-site SEO Optimization includes:

-Restructuring internal links

-Page titles and Meta descriptions

-HTML and XML sitemaps accuracy

-Improved placement of keyword

-Websites architecture and programming

-Use of domains & redirects

-Presence of 404 error pages

Successful Off-Site Optimization

It is one thing to create a site that has a solid foundation, a fun interface, and new content, but it is another thing to be on the first page of search results, especially in competitive industries.

If you want to beat the competition, inbound links from highly-visited authority websites are essential. A robust and inventive approach to off-site SEO and online PR is critical.

Our Off-site optimization strategies include:

-Ridding of harmful links

-Planned and pre-emptive link building

-Custom badging initiatives

-Digital PR posting

-Branded link acquisition

-Making infographic, designs, and outreach

-Backlink risk assessment

Regular Fresh Content that can Rank High

Writing new content for your website is an important part of building authority, educating your audience to make smarter purchasing decisions, and improving your rankings.

Your content should be relevant to build trust and connect with your target audience.  It must be optimized to appear in search engines and help your website to rank well. We will deliver high-quality content that will rank high on search engines.

You will require the services of an SEO copywriter who help your website rank higher in search engines, like Google.

SEO copywriting services use relevant keywords in the content to help businesses rank higher when people look for those keywords on search engines.

What do SEO Copywriters do?

An SEO copywriter helps a business attract new customers by:

-Optimizing existing content on the website (like blog posts and product pages)

-Creating new content that people want to read and share

-Improving the overall user experience on the website

Our SEO Specialisms

Play by the Rules with White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO means using optimization techniques that focus on people, not just search engines, while fully complying with the rules and guidelines of search engines.

Creating links, writing content that is original and relevant for your target audience are some of the tactics of white hat SEO.  

Link Building the Right way

Hire the right team, public relations experts, and content marketers to promote your brand, get coverage, recommendations, and links in the presence of the right audience.

Did you know that Google uses more than 200 signals in its website ranking algorithms?  Backlinks however are one of the important signals that help to maximize website visibility.

Here are smart ways to earn or build backlinks to your website

-Guest posting

-The broken link-building method

-Promote your content

-backlinks through infographics

-Get interviewed

The more authoritative sites that will give you a backlink, the higher you will be ranked by search engines. When reporting broken links to a webmaster, make sure to recommend your website to replace those broken links.

Infographics can attract backlinks because they are easy to share. They are visual data hence are easy to understand. Guest articles are also a great way to attract backlinks.

Do not forget to create high-quality content. Great content will attract backlinks and will be shared on social media platforms etc.  

Our Google Penalty Recovery Services to retain your SEO rankings

Nothing is worse than your site being penalized by Google. The penalty can stagnate your progress. To remedy it, you need professionals like us who will help your website recover.

We will concentrate on the practical and technical details of your site, apply the right techniques to recover lost traffic, improve your online reputation, and recover lost traffic.

Effective Ecommerce SEO for your Online Stores

It feels great to succeed in an eCommerce business. It starts by increasing traffic, optimizing the site, and achieving conversions.

 Ecommerce SEO helps to overcome the multiple challenges involved in generating online sales and setting a goal that will make every customer successful.

International SEO-Reaching a Global Audience

For agencies catering to different nationalities speaking more than ten languages, international SEO is crucial.

Websites cannot just be translated from one language to another, and are not expected to rank as well as they did in another country.

It is important to have a historical understanding and knowledge of the language of the new country in order to succeed in international SEO strategies.

 What makes it different is the language, geographic coverage, and size of the audience. Otherwise, all other factors are almost the same.