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Hire a freelance copywriter

Every business needs a well-written and designed sales copy. It defines the offering better and persuades the target audience to convert. Hiring a freelance copywriter will help you achieve this.

I am a full-time freelance copywriter who has got experience in SEO copywriting and other types of content writing.

This article provides insight into just how valuable a professional copywriter like me can be for growing businesses seeking more clients online.

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Who is a Freelance Copywriter?

When it comes to generating more leads and sales from your site, a well-written piece of content can be the difference between success and failure. It’s no wonder, then, that many business owners are turning to online freelance copywriters for assistance.

A freelance copywriter is a writer who works independently and is not tied to any one company. He or she may work for several companies at the same time, and she may be employed full or part-time by any of these companies or clients.

A freelance copywriter is someone who writes copy for businesses. The copy includes sales letters, ad copy, email marketing, sales pages, press releases, product descriptions, social media posts, and more- that encourage people to take action.

Hire a Freelance Copywriter

Do you need a persuasive copywriter to help you sell more through your website, landing pages, social media posts, and e-mail marketing? Hire a copywriter here.

I’m a professional copywriter and content writer based in New York City.

I write for clients all over the world, including small businesses, large corporations, online publications, agencies, and more. My work has appeared in Men’s Health, Glamour, and more. I have a BA in English & Creative Writing.

 I provide copywriting services for a very reasonable price. I can also help write keyword-rich copy to boost your site’s search engine ranking.

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How Much Does a Copywriter Cost?

seo copywriting services

When it comes to copywriting, it pays to invest in a professional. Copywriting is a specialized field and many people who call themselves copywriters have only dabbled in the craft for a few hours or days. This can lead to poor content that does not address the concerns and needs of a customer.

In many cases, hiring someone to write your copy can help you save money. They will use their expertise to create high-quality content that will cost less than paying for advertising or marketing.

Copywriting can be expensive. Not only does it take a long time to write a good copy, but it also requires extensive research and careful planning.

The cost of hiring a copywriter varies according to experience and location. The rates for newbie writers start at $75 per page. More experienced writers command from $100 to $200 per page.

Established copywriters might charge as much as $300-400 per page, or even more. If you’re looking to hire a copywriter on a project-by-project basis, they may charge by the word or by the hour.

I am an affordable copywriter since I charge $50 per page of 1000 words.

Copywriting Pricing Guide

The cost of a copywriter can vary depending on his or her experience, skill, and output. For example, a junior copywriter may charge $25 per hour, while a senior copywriter may charge over $100 per hour.


Copywriters charge by the word, hour, or project. Most projects can be estimated in advance, but hourly rates are often billed if you’re working on something that can’t be completed in a set period of time — for example, writing a series of marketing newsletters. Here’s an example of how this might work:

If you’re hiring a copywriter to write an article for your website, they may charge you $150 for 500 words. If they agree to write a series of 12 articles at 2,000 words each, they’ll likely offer you a discount since they’re committing to such a large project and will incur fixed costs like research and editing. You may save $1,000 or more by agreeing to this kind of arrangement with your writer.


Complexity refers to the subject matter of your copy. The more complex your product, the more time it will take a copywriter to research and write about it hence you need to pay higher. If you’re selling a complicated technical product, for example, your copywriter will need to spend more time learning about the product than if you were selling iPhone cases.

Experience of a Copywriter

Experienced copywriters are paid more than beginners because they have more knowledge about writing. If you are new to copywriting, it may be wise for you to start with a low price and work your way up as you gain more experience.

Things you need to keep in mind when Hiring a Freelance Copywriter

hire a copywriter
Hire a freelance copywriter for your project

If you’re looking to hire a freelance copywriter, you’ll be confronted with hundreds of options, but only one will be right for your business. So how do you know which one to choose?

Define your needs

 Before you start looking for a copywriter, make sure you know what you need to be written. Think about the type of work you’re looking to have done; then put together a brief or list of instructions that tells the writer exactly what you need to be written — they can’t read minds.

Know What Kind of Writer You Want to Hire

 A lot of people who hire copywriters think they want an article writer. They’re wrong. You want a salesperson who can write. If your freelancer cannot sell with words, there is no point in hiring him/her at all, because they will only produce average work.

There are different kinds of writers: article writers, salespeople, and screenwriters just to name a few. But not every writer is good at everything, so make sure you know what kind of writer you’re looking for before contacting anyone.

 Do your research

As with anything in life, there are good copywriters and bad copywriters. You can check out their websites and social media profiles to get an idea of their overall style and quality.

You get what you pay for

If you are looking to hire a freelance copywriter to help with your business, there is one key thing to remember: You get what you pay for. It’s tempting to go with the cheapest writer you can find, but if they don’t sound like they know what they’re talking about, then your investment in them will be wasted.

Instead of hiring a low-cost copywriter and ending up with poor results, hire someone who is experienced and can deliver what you want. Paying more for a professional does not mean that you are wasting your money; instead, it ensures that you get what you need from the person.

Hire an Experienced Copywriter

There are many times that you will need to hire someone to write copy for your website, blog or even a print piece. It’s important that you choose the right person for the job. Not everyone has the skill set or experience to write content that will be beneficial to your business. You should always consider hiring a professional copywriter.

Find someone with experience in your industry. You can pay someone $10-$20 per page, but if they don’t have experience in your field or industry, they won’t know how to write about it or what terms to use.

Here are some of the main distinctions between amateur and professional copywriters:

Length – Pro copywriters are able to go into greater detail with their writing, which is something you’d want when creating content for your website or blog.

Professionalism – A paid writer will know how to properly format their work so that it will be read. They’ll also be able to take criticism and make changes in order to meet the needs of the client.

Experience – Experienced writers know what works and what doesn’t work within certain industries. For example, a professional writer understands that when writing a book about weight loss, they may need to include specific information such as diet plans in order for people to actually use the book. Someone who is an amateur writer might not understand this concept and leave out the necessary information.

Services – Professionals are well-rounded writers who can provide many different types of services, such as editing and proofreading. Whereas a pay-per-post site won’t offer any additional services with their writers outside of writing a single article based on your request.

Ask for Samples

Read sample works to check the quality of the content.

Asking for samples is the best way to judge someone’s ability. Some writers might have great reviews online but they might not have written anything similar to what you’re looking for. Samples will give you a clear idea of how they write and how well they understand your niche.

Remember to check the tone of voice used in these samples too as this will give you an idea of how they write and what they can offer you in terms of creativity.

Hire someone who is motivated

If your writer sends you a piece of excellent work, but later sends you something that’s not so great, then he/she is not motivated enough. A motivated writer has the ability to deliver high-quality work consistently. If your writer shows a lack of motivation, it can be a sign of burnout and indicates that they might be moving on soon.

Ask about the Writer’s Process

If you’re looking for someone with SEO experience, ask how they write their content and how they optimize their work. They should also give you examples of previous work that has performed well in search engines.

 Ask about Their Style Guide

Every medical copywriter or legal copywriter should have a style guide that explains how they format their work and what tone of voice they use in it. It’s important that your writer follows your company voice and brand guidelines so that everything created by them is consistent with your existing content.

How to Hire a Copywriter?

Before hiring a freelancer or agency to write content for your website, make sure that they can produce quality work.

There are many unscrupulous companies out there who do not have experience in writing web content, so it’s important to know what to look for when searching for a good copywriter.

Step 1; Identify your goals

Do you want to sell more products? Are you looking for more customers? Or do you just want people to sign up for your newsletter so they see your value proposition? Write all these goals so you can communicate them to your writer or can find a suitable copywriter for them.

Step 2; Create a budget

Copywriters typically charge between $50 and $200 per page, depending on experience and skill level. Create a budget that will allow you to work with someone for at least several pages. This will give you enough time to determine whether his writing style is compatible with yours and whether his personality fits with your business.

Step 3; Find talent

Interview a freelance copywriter to find if he or she has skills that match what you’re looking for. If satisfied with the copywriter, hire him or her.

What Is a Copywriter Job Description?

Copywriters use words to communicate ideas and feelings, which is why they tend to be good at explaining things succinctly. The best copy writers know how to get people excited and convince them to take action.

As a copywriter, you’ll be responsible for writing content that has the desired effect on your customers. Your job will be to write words and phrases that convince them to take action, while at the same time making sure they know what action they’re supposed to take.

Copywriters are also hired to create advertisements, marketing materials, or other communications that are used to sell something. They can be hired to write corporate reports or grant applications.

Writes Ads

As a copywriter, you’ll be in charge of writing ads for your company. This could be for print media, like newspapers or magazines; online advertising, like search engine marketing (SEM) or social media; direct-mail marketing campaigns; or any other type of promotion.

Copywriting is an extremely valuable skill in today’s world. You might do this work on your own, but more likely you’ll be working with a team that includes designers and other writers. Copywriters are often the only ones who can take complex data and make it clear enough to understand as well as compelling enough to get people to read it. That makes them very valuable to companies of all types.

Copywriting has a lot of similarities to journalism, but those don’t necessarily translate into how copywriters actually do their jobs. There are several key differences between the two:

1. Copywriters are hired by clients for specific projects. Journalists may work for multiple publications or even for one publication over time, but they’re rarely tied to a single client (unless they’re freelancers).

2. Copywriters do more than just write words — they also do research and develop concepts and ideas that can be built on later. Journalists usually just report what they see and hear (which is not an exact science either), and they don’t generally have time to develop ideas or concepts on their own.

Where to Hire a Copywriter?

According to many website experts, hiring a copywriter is a great way to get professional help for your online business. There are many freelance copywriters online and you can find one here at seocopywritinginc.

So when you’re searching for a copywriter, remember that you’re looking for someone who:

  • Understands what your business is about
  • Can communicate effectively with all audiences, including your target customers
  • Can create content that entertains and informs your audience
  • Is at the top of her game and ready to take on more work if it comes along

Find on Copywriting Websites

Look on websites that cater to writers. Some sites let you search for a writer by specialty (marketing, finance, technical), and others have special directories that list writers in particular industries. Just make sure you find a site that works first, and only use it as a starting point.

Through Referral

You can hire copywriters online or through a referral network. A referral network is a group of writers you’ve worked with before, who will review your project and recommend someone they think you’ll like. It’s one of the best ways to get quality work at a reasonable price.

Industries That Use Freelance Copywriting Services

Copywriting is one of the most common forms of content marketing. It can also be a highly specialized niche. There are hundreds of different industries that use copywriters to communicate with their customers.

Here are various industries that benefit from copywriting services.

Legal Copywriter

Nothing is more important to your business than a good web presence. And nothing is more important for maintaining a good web presence than excellent legal content.

A great web presence can keep your website top-of-mind for potential clients, and it can also help you generate leads — but only if you have compelling content.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert content writer to create that content. Hire a legal copywriter. He or she will write every type of legal content including blog posts (articles), white papers (reports), web pages (websites) help desk advice, and even case briefs.

SEO copywriter

SEO Copywriting is a service that is used by companies looking to optimize their content for search engines.

An SEO Copywriter will help your website appear higher in search results as he or she creates optimized content that can rank. In addition, he or she helps improve the credibility of your website because the content is written by an expert who understands how search engines work.

Product copywriter

Creating an effective product description can be the difference between selling and not selling your product. A good description will make your product sound desirable, solve a problem that potential customers have, and demonstrate why you’re the best solution to their problem.

A good description of products is also an opportunity for you to tell your story — to share why you’re the best choice for a customer and what makes you different from your competition.

This is where you need a product copywriter. Product copywriters focus on writing sales letters that describe the benefits of certain products and encourage people to buy them. They also prepare sales material for websites and product pages, including catalogs that show off new products, brochures, and other collateral materials.

Copywriting for eCommerce sites is especially important because it’s the job of copywriters to persuade potential shoppers to buy. They’re also responsible for providing visitors with detailed descriptions, comparison charts, and other information that’s crucial in making an informed decision before they make a purchase.

Medical Copywriter

Doctors and nurses often need to get information across quickly to their clients and patients, without putting them off with overly-formal language or terms that are difficult to understand.

The best copywriting will always focus on clarity and simplicity, making it easy to understand health information. They will write copies on various diseases, as well as treatments and procedures. Medical copywriters might include details of clinical trials, side effects, or drug interactions in their written material.

Website Copywriter

A website copywriter is a content writer who specializes in writing copy for websites. A good website copywriter will research, write and edit web content, advertisements, and other supporting material to effectively market your business.

There are many different types of website copywriters. Some specialize in writing sales copy for landing pages, while others specialize in ghostwriting articles. A good website copywriter should be able to produce all these different types of content.

Content Marketing Vs Website Copywriting Services

A lot of people confuse content marketing with website copywriting services. Content marketing is a much broader term that includes things like search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing. In general, it refers to any type of digital marketing that involves creating and sharing digital media for the purpose of engaging current customers and attracting future ones.

Website copywriting services generally refer to the creation or rewriting of the text on your website or blog. The goal of website copywriting services is often to get visitors to take a specific action on your site, like making a purchase or filling out a contact form.

Hire An Email Copywriter

If you want more sales and a stronger relationship with your clients, hire an affordable email copywriter like me who can write emails that will help you convert new leads or nurture current clients.

I provide email copywriting services that can help you:

-increase sales by writing email sequences that convert

-improve your customers’ experience by writing emails that are easy to read and engaging

-build a strong relationship with your clients by writing emails that speak to their problems and desires