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For any venture to succeed, a well-designed website with eye-catching graphics is only the tip of the iceberg.

How well you fulfill this ambition depends on many factors. And that’s where our Informatics steps in with its SEO ghostwriting services to translate your ideas into a potent marketing tool.

As a smart business owner, you still need to get the word out and create compelling, informative and evergreen content for your readers.

There are multiple ways to achieve this through blogs, e-magazines, and even audio-visual techniques.

Why do you need to hire a SEO ghostwriter?

When articles, blogs or e-books with high-quality content are published online, they have the potential of generating a huge wave of traffic to your website.

This is done by using tested SEO strategies. Quality content not only helps your business gains the respect of readers, it also promotes brand recognition and loyalty.

A competent ghostwriter studies your subject matter and builds up your required content, and makes it search engine friendly.

Why choose our SEO ghostwriting services?

The benefits of our ghostwriting services are:

  • Unique and quality content.
  • Content that is inline with your overall marketing strategy.
  • Saves time. Let us write your blogs and e-books, while you focus on your core business.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Good customer support.
  • Strict adherence to deadlines and other SLAs.

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Case Studies of Ghostwriting Services

Here are some examples of the ghost writing services we have offered:

Case Study 1

Client Overview:

Our client was a career counselor who wanted an e-book on job searching strategies for people born after 1980.

Client Objective:
To offer a free e-book to prospective customers.

What We Delivered:
In the e-book we identified various factors like:
Need for people to change their job
Jobseeker profiling
Maximize jobseeker’s potential
Developing the right attitude for a job search
Researching against the backdrop of existing market conditions
Changing trends in job searching methods
Benefiting from professional networking
How to always look for a window of opportunities

Case Study 2

Client Overview:
Our client was a financial expert expressing his opinion on various stocks.

Client Objective:
To provide stock buying/selling tips and opinions to his readers.

What We Delivered
Blog posts offering buying and selling tips of major NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies.

Extensive research on market dynamics.

Extensive research on each stock, including share price movements, the announcement of results, insider activity, buybacks, analyst opinions, and expert projections.

Identifying good buying and selling opportunities and backing the tips with facts, figures and projections.