Copywriting for Dummies: SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting for dummies is a strategic writing technique for producing readable and persuasive web content.

Using this technique, SEO copywriters target specific search terms that enable high page rank in various search engine results.

The trick is to find the perfect balance between keyword density and engaging content for visitors to the website.

Basic Rules of SEO Copywriting for dummies

Keyword research: Research is extremely vital in determining what keywords and phrases need to be incorporated into your website content.

Use terms that consumers are more likely to type in when they search for products and services like yours. Check the popularity of the keywords with Google tools.

Quality content: Always use quality content that is fresh, informative and keeps the reader’s eyeballs glued to your text. Don’t forget to create value in your reader’s mind either.

Avoid duplication: Writing duplicated content, or plagiarizing someone else’s content greatly diminishes the credibility of your site. Also, if two pages look the same, Google will remove one of them from its search index.

Always write unique text and maintain your authenticity and therefore, credibility.

Use keywords wisely: The density of the keywords should be at most 3-4% of the total word count and keywords should not be stuffed into text. Only use keywords that are relevant to the subject matter!

Keyword optimization: Incorporate the selected keywords in page title, HTML headings (sub-heading 1, sub-heading 2), and in the page meta description field.

The page title is the text which appears on the top bar of the browser window. The headings describe the content of your page, and the meta description appears in the list on search engine results page as the additional info below the page title and before the page URL.

In short, quality and effective SEO copywriting addresses the right way to highlight your business strengths and develops content that converts leads to sales. To begin with, create content that is appropriately informative and search engine friendly.

Why Choose US

Our copywriting team thoroughly analyzes your subject matter and provides content that inspires and enhances trust and credibility with your target audience. Our SEO copywriting initiatives encompass a range of services to include:

  • Website copywriting
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  • Writing blogs, articles, newsletters, etc. to highlight your business strengths
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  • Ebooks

Advertising Copywriting

Sales is the life blood of your business. And advertising copywriting helps you achieve this.

Most businesses know their target audience and offer products and services that add great value. However, not all businesses succeed. If it is success that you crave, advertising copywriting is the route.

An effective sales page is one that can communicate with your target audience, grab their attention, hold their interest, convey the features and benefits of your products and move them into action.

Advertising Copywriting: Components of a Sales Page

Are you looking at boosting your conversion rate? Then you need powerful advertising copywriting. An effective sales page consists of the following elements:

Headline: A sales page headline consists of three components:

  • A pre-headline where you attract the viewer’s attention
  • A main headline which encompasses the body of your sales pitch
  • A sub-headline which summarizes the main headline
  • The headline must be chosen wisely and the product name included in it. This translates into higher website traffic due to search engine visibility.

: A well written introduction will entice your readers to your product and showcase its benefits to them. So, engage your readers emotionally and get them to believe that your product will change their lives for the better.

Credibility: It is crucial to build a level of trust with your potential clients and project yourself as their partner of choice. To make your venture credible, your sales page should talk about specific facts and figures without sounding tangential and clouded.

 Moreover, always include plausible testimonials and reviews. Last, but certainly not the least, share your contact information.

Benefits: Compile a comprehensive list of all your product benefits, so your readers can easily scan through them without any hassles. Use bullet points if you wish to and prioritize the benefits.

Features: This is where you describe your product and tell your visitors what they are getting. So, bring out the best in your product and rationalize it with a logical expression.

Building Value: Be candid about why your product is the best, if not the very best. You can compare with similar products in the industry and comment on why your product outweighs others.

The Call to Action: This is the lifeblood of your sales page. This is what convinces your visitors to act the way you desire them to. Strategically place your “call to action” component, which typically is the “buy now” button.

Veda has vast experience in sales copywriting. We have a team of talented and professional advertising copywriting experts.

The team is proficient in creating search engine friendly sales pages that would entice your target audience to make purchases and boost your conversion rate.