Newsletter Writing Services and Press Release Writing Services

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Do you want customers to do more business with you? Do you want your people to stay focused and motivated? If your answer is “yes,” then your business needs a good newsletter writing service.

Whether to let your customer know about your products and services or to spread the word within the stakeholder community about your business policies, our newsletter writing services will serve the purpose. Newsletter writing is just what you need to:

-Communicate with your market on a regular basis

-Build credibility

-Boost sales

-Increase brand loyalty

What are Newsletter Writing Services?

Newsletters are effective communication tools that combine content quality with promotional inclines to convey your message to a broad spectrum of audience.

A newsletter enhances your corporate image and paves the way for a long-term relationship with customers and stakeholders. 

Formats of Newsletter Writing 

Newsletters can be produced in different formats like plain text emails, HTML based emails and PDF formats.

-Plain text emails are easy to format. The size of the file is manageable for readers to open. However, you cannot use any graphical enhancement technique.

-HTML based email newsletters can give you the option of using both text based and graphics based content. This online method is simple to implement and is cost effective as well.

-PDF formats allow various design possibilities with content and graphics. Your readers can save the file in the hard drive and review it whenever they like.

Why Choose our Newsletter Writing Services

We do not believe in the “one size fits all” cliché. We take into account your target audience and create content that has maximum impact. Our newsletters inform, educate and motivate your audience.

Our newsletter writing service combines problem solving skills, effective communication, quality and everything you ask for. Our newsletters consistently:

-Highlight your unique selling points

-Reinforce your credentials among your customers

-Fortify your vendor and partner alliance

-Facilitate communication in internal and external business units

-Increase customer loyalty and create brand value

-Give you an enhanced business profile

In addition, our services come with:

-Unmatched quality of service

-Engaging and persuasive content

-Thorough research of not only your service offerings, but also that of your competitors

-A cost effective pricing structure

-Reusable content format to save considerable time

-Industry specific content development strategies

Press Release Writing Services

Do you want your venture to get high online visibility in a cost effective manner? A press release is a viable option for you. From product releases to corporate promotions, a press release covers them all.

Press releases are perfect PR tools and have greater penetration than traditional marketing and advertising. A well oiled press release writing service lets the community know that you’ve arrived and that you’re ready to deliver the goods.

The best press releases are simple, straightforward, factual and engaging. That’s exactly how we write our press releases at Veda Informatics.

Why is Press Release Writing Important to Your Business?

Here’s how you can benefit from press releases:

-Your products and services benefit from the publicity

-They increase awareness about your business, resulting in better branding

-They increased your online visibility

-A good online press release generates incoming links to your website, thereby increasing traffic to your site, and improving your search engine ranking.

Components of an Effective Press Release

The various components that make an effective press release are:

Headline: It acts as the title and grabs the attention of your readers. The headline needs to be concise and should mirror the news item clearly.

Dateline: It includes the date on which the news is released as well as the place where you’re presenting your news to the media.

Main body: The body of the press release depends on supporting details, statistics and background information of the news item.

The body should be in an inverted pyramid style, where the most newsworthy information is offered first and the content ends with the least newsworthy information. The use of quotes builds credibility.

Tone: It’s always in the third person.

Signature: This includes information about your company and its service portfolio. You can also include your business URL.

Why Consider our Press Release Writing Services?

Our press release writers have a proven track record in delivering content that perfectly suits the business and objectives of our clients. We conform to stringent quality parameters. In addition, we:

-Deliver your press release via well respected online news wire services

-Undertake comprehensive research to understand the market and your business

-Provide customized press release writing services to fit our clients’ varied requirements

-Have a competitive pricing policy

-Make your press release visible to Google and Yahoo users, and other websites

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