20 Must-Haves for Working from Home- For Making Your Job Easier

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Working from home is a wonderful thing; you get to sleep in, you can work in your pajamas, and you don’t have to deal with traffic. But it can also be challenging at times. If you’re used to having coworkers around, the silence can be deafening.

You might also miss out on the opportunities for collaboration and brainstorming that happen when you’re all in the same room.

To help you make the most of your freelance life, here’s our list of must-haves for working from home:

1.    All-In-One Printer

All in one wireless printer for home use,

If you work from home, like me, you know the value of having a printer. I have my own small office in my home and I’m lucky enough to have an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier. This makes it so easy to get things done.

I can do everything from printing out letters and bills to scanning documents and printing them out again or even copying things like recipes or coupons that I want to keep on hand.

I don’t know what I would do without this little machine.

If you’re searching for a new printer, here are some tips:

  • Make sure you get ink cartridges that will fit into your printer model. You don’t want to find out later that you can’t use the ink cartridges you bought because they won’t fit into your all-in-one printer.
  • Make sure you get paper that fits in your printer model as well (this will usually be listed on the box). If not, then look for paper that is compatible with your machine and make sure before buying.

2. A Good Laptop

best laptop for writing

You don’t need the latest and greatest laptop on the market, but you do need one that’s reliable and fast enough to handle your workload without freezing up or needing constant rebooting, just like these ones.

Here are some tips for finding the right laptop for your needs:

The first thing to consider is the processor

First of all, think about what kind of work you will be doing on your laptop. Will you be using software that requires a lot of processing power? If so, then go with something more powerful than if not needed as much processing power may not be necessary for what you’re doing.

Comfortable Keyboard

Get a keyboard with comfortable keys if typing or writing will be part of your daily routine. Don’t overlook this feature. Many people find that they need to replace their keyboards within a few years due to wear and tear from heavy use.

RAM in Your Laptop

 This refers to how much memory your laptop has available for running applications and other processes simultaneously.

The more RAM you have in your laptop, the better it will perform with multiple applications open at once while still having enough capacity to perform well even when multitasking with heavy programs like video editing software or gaming software.

Storage Space

Make sure that your laptop has enough storage space for all of your files and programs. Some laptops come with limited storage space so make sure that you buy one with enough space for everything you need before making your purchase

3. A Reliable Internet Connection

You’ll need high-speed Internet that doesn’t cut out when people in your house are watching Netflix or playing online games especially if you plan on using Skype regularly for video chats with clients or colleagues.

And remember that mobile hotspots aren’t always available in rural areas where cell coverage is spotty at best, so if you’re working from the middle of nowhere, make sure your laptop has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities before leaving home.

4. A Phone Line or Cell Phone- Employers Need to Provide for Working from Home

A phone should be obvious but it’s essential that you have a phone at home that you can use to call clients or customers. You may not need to make many calls depending on your business but it’s still important to have an option for when you need it.

5. Cell Phone Service

This is another crucial must-have for the home office. You don’t want to be tethered to a desk all day long when you’re working from home. A reliable cell phone can help give you that freedom if there are times when you need to leave the house for meetings or errands.

Consider getting an unlimited talk plan so that calling clients isn’t a financial burden if they need to reach out often throughout the day.

6. A Comfortable Workspace

one of must-haves for working from home

Ideally, your space should be quiet and free from distractions, but it also needs to be comfortable enough that you can work there for hours at a time without feeling fatigued.

Colorful decor can help brighten things up, but don’t feel obligated to decorate if it feels like too much work. Instead, focus on creating a space that feels welcoming and inviting so that you’ll want to spend time there working.

7. Comfortable Seating and Desk

 If you’re going to be sitting for long periods of time (and who isn’t these days?), then it’s important that your chair is both supportive and comfortable so that you don’t get aches or pains from sitting all day long.

Make sure that your chair fits properly before purchasing one; it should support your lower back and thighs while also allowing you to sit upright with good posture at all times then make sure that it has adjustable features like seat height and tilt so that it can accommodate everyone in

8. A Desk

Working from home requires a lot of sitting. You need a desk that is comfortable but also allows you to move around when needed. The best desks have adjustable heights and allow you to move them around easily. If your desk is on wheels or has casters, make sure you lock them in place so they don’t roll away while you’re working.

9. Good Lighting

You will need good lighting to work from home successfully. Natural light from windows is great if you have access to it; otherwise, consider using lamps or track lights to provide adequate lighting for both readings and working at a computer screen or doing paperwork at a desk during the daytime hours (not too bright but not dim either).

Make sure there’s plenty of overhead light as well; overhead fluorescent lights are fine as long as they’re not flickering.

10. A Headset or Earbuds with Noise Cancellation Capabilities

Working from home means there are fewer distractions than if you were in an office setting, but there are still some noises that could get in the way of your concentration like barking dogs or crying babies.

A quality pair of headphones can help block out these sounds so you can focus on what matters most: getting work done.

11. A Backup Plan in Case of Power Outages

Power outages can happen at any time. If your job depends on electricity, it’s important to have a backup plan in place. A generator is one option; another one is using portable solar panels (or even just solar-powered flashlights).

You never know when an outage could happen especially during bad weather so be prepared for anything. If this is something that concerns you, talk to someone who works from home and see how they deal with it so that you can come up with the best solution for yourself.

12. A Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a must-have for working out at home. It’s not just a morning ritual; it’s also a crucial part of your work day. You can’t start your day without it, and you can’t work effectively without caffeine in your system.

 In fact, research has shown that people who drink two cups of coffee per day are more productive than those who don’t. Whether you prefer a French press, drip filter, or espresso maker, having a good coffee maker should be at the top of your list when getting ready to work from home.

13. Security Cameras- Must Have for Home Office

 It’s important to have security cameras installed in your home office or business space so that anyone who comes into contact with it knows they are being recorded at all times and cannot steal any information or equipment without getting caught by the camera.

14. Privacy Windows

Most people do not have privacy windows in their homes, but it is important to have them when working from home.

Having a space where you can close the blinds and curtains can help you focus on your work without worrying about being disturbed by family members or pets entering the room.

15. Lock Boxes

Most people don’t want to carry around their laptops all day, which makes them vulnerable if those devices get stolen. A lock box is a great solution for storing your laptop and other items when you aren’t using them.

This way, if someone tries to steal your laptop, they won’t be able to get into it without the key code.

16. Firewall

 A firewall is a software program that protects your computer from viruses, hackers, and other threats by blocking unauthorized access attempts. You can install one yourself on your computer or have an IT professional install one for you.

17. Antivirus Software

Antivirus software scans your computer for viruses and malware that could harm your computer and destroy any data stored on it.

You should run antivirus software on a daily basis as part of your routine maintenance, but you should also check it weekly and monthly to make sure there are no new threats that need to be addressed.

18. Backup Hard Drive

 A backup hard drive is a device that stores copies of all of your important files in case something happens to your main computer system. This is critical because if you lose all of your data, you may not be able to recover it at all.

Make sure that you have more than one backup source so that if one fails, you’ll still have another copy of your files somewhere else.

19. Mouse Pad or Wrist Rest Pad (Optional)

A mouse pad or wrist rest pad is a good idea if you’ve been using the same mouse for a long time and have developed wrist pain from using it all day long while working in front of the computer screen.

The most common symptoms include pain in the wrist area when lifting objects such as coffee cups, pain when bending fingers upward toward the palm of your hand, and pain when turning your hand over to shake hands with someone. A wrist rest pad will help alleviate these symptoms by providing support to your wrist while you are typing.

20. Gym Membership

 If you plan on working from home full time, it is very important that you take care of your health. A gym membership is one way that you can ensure that you get enough exercise each day so that you feel energized and ready for work.

 Plus, many gyms offer free classes such as yoga, pilates, and cardio kickboxing which are great ways to lose weight while feeling good about yourself.

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