3 Best laptops for blogging-(Compare, Buy and Save)

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Compact enough to carry with you, yet resourceful enough to meet your writing needs.

These 3 best laptops will let you take your writing anywhere, from bustling airport to your university, from your office to home.

A writer’s laptop is his or her best friend. It is therefore extremely important to choose the best to digitize your creativity into words. If your job involves a lot of writing, the laptop should have high end specs.

The other main reason for buying a laptop is portability. You need a laptop that you can carry to any place. The laptops that we have reviewed here are lightweight making them portable.

They are the kind of laptops preferred by the top editors. Additionally, you can use these laptops for photographing, gaming, streaming videos online, etc, not just for writing.

1.Hp notebook ay011nr

Hp notebook ay011nr

Main Features

-It features an Intel Core i5-6200U processor, 2.3 GHz

-It has 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive

– Has 15.6 inch display screen

-Battery life is 7 hours

-RAM is 8 GB

-Comes with windows 10 operating system

-Re-writable DVD drive

-Vibrant display, exceptional audio

-Have HP support assistant

-Features an advanced HD camera

When you are buying a laptop, it is important to understand its specs. It’s a machine you will do serious work at home, office or college, play games with it.

Tackle your daily tasks with this HP Notebook 15-ay011nr 15.6-Inch Laptop (6th Gen Intel Core i5-6200U Processor, 8GB DDR3L SDRAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10), Silver.

Best Storage-Internal hard drive

It features a 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive.  This is plenty of hard drive space to store your clients file, your videos, softwares, games, documents, to name a few. It is an important component of your machine that permanently stores and retrieves data.

Some laptops have storage size of several hundred megabytes and gigabytes, this one has 1 terabyte.

Top Intel Processor

The processor of a laptop is its brain.  This is where most functions take place. A good CPU like this one will let you surf web pages faster, edit photos faster, watch videos comfortably and crunch your spreadsheets.

Therefore, before you buy any laptop, it is extremely important that you know what you want to do it with it. Laptop CPUs range from core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and latest is Core i9.  

Core i5 of this Hp notebook ay011nr have all the power you need; for writing, playing games, streaming movies etc. It is fit for hardcore gamers, college students, freelance writers, creative professionals, to name a few.

Reliable Power

Personal use, university and work are made easier by having a laptop with a long lasting battery. You can go anywhere you want with your laptop if it has a good battery.

If you have a bad performing battery, your laptop will be limited to cord and source of power regardless of where you are.

You can take your writing, Photoshop etc to random place with this laptop. It has a reliable battery that can keep power up to 7 hours. Go for a long lasting battery that will not frustrate you when you need power the most.

Best RAM

Before investing in a laptop, check its RAM. Why should you care so much about its RAM?  It is important as your processor; it is the core of your laptop. The performance of your laptop is determined by these 2.

The more RAM your laptop has, the faster its job becomes.  Get a good laptop like this one with the best RAM of 8GB.  It will be faster to transfer data which will improve the performance of your laptop.

Windows 10

It comes with windows 10 which has inbuilt security features plus ongoing updates to help protect your laptop from threats.


-It is affordable

-Has the best storage and processor

-Has long lasting battery


-None that I know of

2. Samsung Chromebook 3 xe500c13 k03us

Main features

Its screen size is 11.6 inches

-Ram is 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM

-Average battery life is 11 hours

-Graphics Coprocessor is Intel HD Graphics 400

-Samsung Chromebook 3 xe500c13 k03us features Intel Celeron Processor N3060, 1.6 GHz.

-Features 16GB eMMC storage

-Chipset brand is Intel

-Has 5 number of USB ports

-Brand is Samsung, series Samsung xe500c13-s02us

-It uses Chrome operating system

-it weighs 2.87 pounds

-Built in virus protection

-Hard drive is 16GB

-Other features include built in card reader, HDM1, Wi-Fi, built in webcam, Bluetooth and headphone/Microphone combo jack.

Budget friendly laptop

Samsung Chromebook 3 xe500c13 k03us is a great laptop for writers. You don’t have to break a bank in order to buy this writing laptop. It is the most affordable hence can fit any budget. Most beginners are on a budget as they start their writing career.

Best Battery Life

Its average battery life is 11 hours which is ideal if you plan to take your laptop to different places. You can take it to your favorite coffee shop and work with it. Avoid disappointments of computer shutting down because of power.

Best Portable laptop

This is a good machine for a digital nomad who is constantly on move. Laptop portability is an important factor to consider if you are a writer. No need to carry a heavy laptop when you have this Samsung Chromebook 3 xe500c13 k03us weighing less than 3 pounds and 0.7″ thin for portability.

It is Reliable

It has good reviews online meaning people have bought and liked it. To be completely honest here, you don’t need very high specs to do writing. At least 2GB of RAM and Intel Celeron processor will be enough for writing.

This laptop has better specs. It features Intel Celeron Processor N3060 with 4GB memory.  It is excellent for other tasks such as skyping, emailing, streaming videos online, and studying online due to its sharp display and performance.


-It is affordable

-It is lightweight

-Built in virus protection

-Comes with a lot of features for other tasks

-Has a long lasting battery life


Does not include a built-in DVD/CD drive

3.Acer Swift 3 mx150 Review

Acer Swift 3 mx150 Review

Main Features of Acer Swift 3, 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U, NVIDIA GeForce MX150, 14″ Full HD, 8GB LPDDR3, 256GB SSD, SF314-52G-55WQ

-It features a 14 inch full HD screen

-Come with an Intel Core i5-8250U Processor, 3.4 GHz

-Has a long lasting battery, up to 10 hours

-Features a 256 B SSD hard drive

-Features a thin design

-It comes with windows 10 Home

-Comes with a stylish Aluminum chassis

-Features 8GB of RAM

-Comes with USB and HDMI ports

-Comes with important features such as Wi-Fi

-Features a back-lit keyboard

Portable Laptop

Acer Swift 3 mx150 is perfect for freelance writers because of its super fast connections speeds and thin design. You will be able to carry it in case your supervisor or employer requires you to bring it outside for a project.

It is super light and slightly slender.

Back-lit keyboard

Writers can be lost in their work. Be it you are a novelist, journalist, blogger or a playwright, you need a laptop with a good keyword or efficiency. This keyboard’s keys can light up in the dark making it perfect for outdoor projects.

Additionally, you can type comfortably in dimply lit environments. You will be able to finish your job whether its day or night.

Intel Core i5-8250U Processor

A processor is the heart of a laptop. It is the one responsible for running many tasks that you do. An Intel Core i5 processor means faster running programs. It is worth investing in this kind of laptop to improve your performance.

An Intel i3 is fine but an Intel i5 will guarantee good speeds. If you are looking to run games and design software, go for a laptop with Intel i7.


Has a bigger RAM hence you can open more programs at once on your computer. This larger capacity of RAM can handle all tasks ranging from emailing, streaming videos online, browsing and playing games online.

Factors to Consider when buying the best laptop for Writers

There are some main specs to look for if you want to buy the best laptop for writing. There are many types of laptops to choose from, each with its features.

Size of Screen

The size of a laptop screen matters. Make sure you pick the size that is suitable for your work. Choose wisely because you are not able to upgrade your screen size unlike with RAM and other components of a laptop.

Screen size starts at 11.6 inches all the way to 17.3 inches.  If portability is your main factor of buying a laptop, go for a smaller sized windows laptop; 14 inches screen will be perfect.  However, if your work requires a larger display, go for a larger size screen laptop.

CPU-Central Processing Unit

The CPU is the brain in the computer. It is responsible for performing many functions such as running programs, performing calculations, to name a few. For simple tasks such as writing email and surfing the web, buy a laptop with Core i3.

For the best performance of your laptop, I would recommend buying a computer with Core i5 and above. This is also good for a writer. A speedier CPU means faster running programs hence easy to multi task.


RAM is extremely important in a laptop since it allows you to open more tabs at the same time. RAM of has a lot to do with the performance and speed of a computer. It helps your system support softwares.

If your laptop has less memory, it would not be able to support all the softwares that you could be running causing your laptop to slow down. 4GB of RAM and above is good for a writer. If you are a heavy user, go for 8GB RAM and above to enable many applications to be run at the same time.

Keyboard Quality

If you are a writer, you need a laptop with a comfortable keyboard.  Buy a laptop with full sized keys, good responsiveness in order to give good overall experience. It will be more beneficial if the keyword is back lit.

An example of a laptop that I have reviewed with backlit keyboard is Acer Swift 3 mx150. This is perfect for dimly lit environments and you can work with it be it day or night.

Battery Life

The best laptops are useless if they cannot hold power for a long time. All the laptops that I have reviewed above have good battery life. Some can hold power from 7 to 10 hours. This is more than enough to get you through a full workday.

A freelance writer need a laptop with good battery life so he or she can take the work out of the office and work somewhere else without worrying about power. With a machine like this, you do not have to worry about looking for a power outlet to keep it from shutting down.


In the modern world, you need a portable laptop that you can carry from place to another. Portable laptops are usually lightweight and have a thin design. Best light laptop will take your work wherever you want to go, be it mall, office, home, airport, etc.

Frequently asked Questions about Laptops for Writers

1.Where to buy a laptop for writing

One of the best places to buy a laptop for writing is online. As a blogger, your laptop is your best friend. Buy the best from trustable retail online stores such as Amazon which have a wide selection of laptops to choose from.

2. What to look for when buying a laptop

These are the factors that I have discussed above. There are important specs that you should look for when buying a laptop for your work. They include CPU, RAM, battery life, size of screen, portability, accessories such as ports, size of hard disk etc.

3.Can I upgrade my laptop Processor?

Yes it is possible to upgrade with a faster and powerful processor. This will boost your productivity and speed. However, make sure it is replaceable and buy CPU that will work with your laptop.

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