I am a professional SEO Ghostwriter- Reasons You Should Hire a Ghostwriter to Write Your Content

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Content is used extensively as a marketing tool. It can help you reach out to your target audience, educate them about your products or services and can project you as a domain expert.

My ghostwriting services will enhance your online image and highlight your core competencies.

My Ghost writing Services

-Idea generation

– Content creation


-Images and YouTube Videos



Would you like to highlight your products or services?  Do you have ideas or knowledge repositories that you’d like to share with people for a fee or maybe offer as a freebee?

Let me know, and I can help! I am a prolific ghostwriter whose content generates real sales for real businesses.

Email: Contentwritern@gmail.com

Skype: naomiesasha

Why Choose my Ghostwriting Service?

My ghostwriting service has a proven track record of creating unique and compelling content. I have extensive domain knowledge and capability that has been honed through several years of experience.

 My high-quality content can project you as an industry thought leader who provides quality and useful information. It can be a catalyst for the success of your business.

SEO Ghostwriter for technical niches

Communicating technology to your readers requires its own vocabulary. You need to tell people about your products and services, while maintaining a perfect balance between technical jargons and simplicity.

How well you spread the word about your business and products depends on how honed the technology writing services are.

That’s where I step in with my unique blend of subject matter expertise and ability to translate your ideas into well-structured documentation.

Scope of Technology Writing

Quality technology writing is an extension of your image. It provides knowledge based services to your target audience in a variety of ways. Some of them are:

-User manuals

-Product installation manuals

-Reference manuals

-API documentation

-Online help

-Process documentation

-E-learning and CBT materials

-Technology blogs

-Articles on the latest trends

-Product reviews

Why Choose my Technology Ghostwriting Services?

My technology ghostwriting services represent a cohesive set of professional writing and editing of varied technology based materials. What I bring to the table includes:

-Unrivaled expertise to ensure comprehensive documentation of your products.

I am a highly trained writer, well-versed in technical documentation

-A competitive pricing policy

-Strategic focus on your core competencies

-Strong research of your subject matter and target audience

-Strict adherence to process guidelines and industry compliance parameters

-A multi-level quality control procedure

I have vast experience in writing on various domains and services for our clients. From servers and virtualization to testing tools and Software as a Service (SaaS), I have covered every niche of the domain.

I have also written on Content Management System (CMS) technologies, open source software and various operating systems.

Additionally, I have written numerous white papers and product reviews on data protection software and testing tools.

My philosophy of translating the obscure into exactness is what drives me to achieve excellence in technology writing. I align my clients’ best interests with my robust delivery services keeping the target audience in mind. 

SEO Ghostwriter for the travel and vacation Niche

With changing lifestyles and frenzied work schedules, travel is often a therapy for people looking to unwind and feel rejuvenated.

Before embarking on a journey to an exotic and unexplored destination, they prefer to gather as much information about the location and its attractions.

 They also research heavily on various modes of transport, immigration formalities, hotels and local culinary specialties. Your target audience expects to find this information on your travel website.

Moreover, the travel niche content needs to be compelling enough to entice people to opt for the vacation options you offer. I provide proficient in providing informative, interesting and enticing content for travel websites.

Scope of Travel Writing Services

Typically, travel writing services encompass:

-Popular tourist attractions of a destination

-Best possible routes to get there

-The best hotels and bed and breakfasts

-The best time of the year to travel

-Popular festivals

-An overview of the social and cultural background of the destination

-Information of the languages spoken in the area

-Information on visa and immigration procedures

-Do’s and Don’ts

Why Choose my Ghost Travel Writing Services

Travel writing services have become highly specialized offerings. Travel articles need to be descriptive and enticing, while at the same time providing unbiased and accurate information.

I am a talented and professional travel ghostwriter, who have years of experience in writing travel reviews and travelogues.

I have written extensively on this niche, providing comprehensive information about destinations across the globe.

 My travel writing has included destinations from the Africa, US, Europe, Asia to Australia. The focus of my travel writing services is to achieve the perfect blend of:

-Keyword rich content – to help your website’s search engine ranking

-Thorough research – to find out what is most interesting and unique about each destination

-Accurate information – to help the target audience make a decision

-Alluring content – to make the target audience live through the experience and be prompted to make bookings

-I can write about any location across the globe. Once I finish writing your content, I can also help you with marketing it.

I know what your target audience wants to read and I can provide the same, while ensuring that strategically placed keywords help your articles to be found by prospective travelers.

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