Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Business

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Social media has become a force to reckon with when it comes to marketing. There are many social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

They are effective marketing tools that will get your message to your target customers.

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How to use Instagram to Market your Business

Growing a business is not easy. You need the right marketing strategies to grow your business and make profits. One of the most effective ways of marketing your business is through the use of Instagram videos.

It is a social media platform that has great potential, yet many small businesses do not use it.

Did you know that it has many features, including a video option that you can exploit to take your marketing campaign to the next level?

Here are some tips on how to effectively use Instagram videos to market your business. The tips will not only bring value to your potential clients but will boost the visibility of your business ultimately increasing sales.

Have Engaging Instagram Videos

You should have exciting videos which capture the interest of your audience. One of the most significant features of Instagram videos is that they start playing automatically once a user scrolls through their feeds.

Here is the time to capture and maintain your current followers’ interest and the interest of potential followers.

You should use the videos to create an interest in your brand as well as spread as much brand awareness as possible. However, maintaining the attention of the viewers is only possible if your videos are fun, exciting, and creative.

Use instagram to explain your products

Instagram videos have a playtime of only 60 seconds. It is therefore essential to use this short time wisely. Make sure that your videos highlight the strongest selling points of your product.

If you are selling a detergent, you might want to emphasize that it removes very stubborn stains in the shortest time possible. However, be careful not to over-promise your product’s performance.

If you overpromise and your product underperforms, then you are at risk of losing your customers’ trust. Additionally, do not squeeze too much information into a single video. Doing so might confuse your target audience.

Create Short Commercials

Another great way of using the Instagram video feature is creating a short commercial. The advantage of a commercial is that it is longer than a clip and as such, you can pass more information to your target audience.

The aim of your commercial should be to evoke a particular emotion in your current and potential customers.

Do–It–Yourself Videos Are A Great Way to Go

One of the ways to promote your products is to have how-to videos. These types of videos are becoming popular by the day, and it is high time that businesses exploit them.

One advantage of DIY videos is that they are easy to incorporate into a wide range of industries. Using the detergent analogy- you can have a video that shows how a customer should use your detergent to get faster and better results.

You might advise them to soak their dirty linen in water using your detergent or other similar pieces of advice.

Advertise Upcoming or Ongoing Offers in Your Instagram Videos

Everybody wants to save a buck and be part of the in-group. By using Instagram videos, you can offer your followers the opportunity to do both. If your store is having a sale or is planning to have one soon, then this is the perfect avenue to let them know.

You might decide to use a hashtag to enable other people to enjoy the sale, or you might decide to make it exclusive to your current followers.

Get an Instagram Business Account

Get an Instagram business account to access its variety of tools and functionality. They include an insight tool, integrations with third-party apps, and call-to-action buttons that you can put on your posts.  

According to Sendible.com, Instagram has over 500 million monthly active users.  This will make it easy to increase followers and reach your target market. With their analytic tool, you will be able to tell how your videos are performing in your account.

When you open the insight section, you will see the number of profile visits, followers, and views.

Create popular Instagram posts and Videos that users want to see and follow

Before you decide what kind of videos and posts to include on your Instagram, know your target audience. Determine who buys from you and come up with content that they like to watch and read.

The next step is to create high quality Instagram videos. Videos highlighting your products or services should be fun to watch. Choose an eye-grabbing image to persuade people to click.

Do not forget to make videos that will provide solutions. It is important that your videos add value to your target customers. Be consistent by committing to a regular posting schedule.

Your followers will expect to see videos and posts on a regular basis. 

Grow and engage with your audience

Engagement is the key. It is crucial that you engage with your target market to grow your followers. You need to comment, like and follow posts and accounts of your target customers.

You will get attention by doing this and will lead them to check out your page eventually visiting your website and making sales. Some will even like and follow you.

Answer any questions that your target audience might have. Respond to comments. They will love it when your reply to their questions and comments.

It is during your engagement you will learn what type of content they like the most. Find out which posts have more likes, and comments and create more of them.

Wrapping up

Instagram videos are effective marketing tools for reaching your customers without breaking the bank. Open a business Instagram account to access all its features.

Instagram has over 500 million monthly active users.  It is one of the fastest-growing marketing social media platforms. It has very many followers, and as such, it is a very crucial avenue for informing people about your products. One way of doing so through the platform is by using the Instagram video feature.

Teach something useful with your videos and you will gain a massive following. The more value you provide, the more people will visit your site leading to more sales. Do not forget to include content that will highlight your products and services in a fun way.

Have you used Instagram videos? Do you have questions about how to use Instagram videos to market your business? Leave a comment below.

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