The ultimate All-In-One Printers Complete buying Guide

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Printers continue to play an important role in improving productivity at home and in the office.

You can purchase a printer that has print, scan, copy, and (sometimes) fax functions. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and wireless printing technologies like Apple’s AirPrint, you can easily do it all from your computer or your smartphone.

Many all-in-one devices are affordable and take up little space than a simple printer.

Inkjet printer like Canon TS9120 Wireless All-In-One Printer reviewed here is a must for vibrant colors and long-lasting photos producing speedy text documents.

How to find the best All-In-One Printer for office or home use

Scan, copy and print quality

Canon pixma all in one printer
Canon pixma inkjet printer

While we believe that most modern printers deliver good quality results, some produce better-looking photos, sharper text, and accurate colors.

You should buy a printer with the best print, copy and scan quality.

Aesthetic appeal

This may seem silly, but I prefer a good-looking printer to complement my office or home decor.

Obviously, the office machine function is far more important than its look. However, if you do not hide it under your desk, you will be looking at your printer every day for years to come. It might as well be pleasing to see it.

Print, copy and scan speed

Print speed is measured by impressions per minute (IPM). Higher print speeds are crucial when printing large documents.

Printer type

If you prefer a machine that can handle a combination of graphics, text, and photos, an inkjet printer is an answer.

However, if you print and scan mainly black-and-white text documents, a laser printer is more useful.

Operation Costs

As with a car, there are several ongoing costs associated with printers that you should know before you buy. If you want a particular printer, check the replacement cartridge and maintenance costs before purchasing.


All in one printer are designed with a USB port.  Some feature an Ethernet port to connect to a wired network providing internet.

Wireless connectivity means you can connect computers and other digital devices like your tablet or phone to your printer without worrying about cables.

Automatic document feeder

The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) lets you automatically copy and scan multiple pages. The ADF automatically feeds the pages through the scanner, saving your effort and time when working with the machine.

Support for mobile printing standards

Even the most business-focused printers have surrendered to the demands of mobile devices and offered a way to print them. Find apps that are compatible with Android, iOS, and other mobile devices for direct printing

All-In-One Printers are best suited for?

There are a variety of printing technologies to choose from, each one suited to different needs. Some are aimed at writers while others are designed for photographers.

Home users

The home user uses his or her printer a lot. The device needs to tackle everything from a newsletter report to an occasional snapshot.  For this reason, a versatile and affordable printer is the best choice such as Canon Pixma ts9120.

An all in 1 printer cost from $ 40 to $ 300 for giants with web connectivity, touch panels, cloud printing, and many more.

A product review Writer

Are you working on a product review or a novel? You need a printer that can print dozens of pages twice. Color isn’t a priority; Speed ​​and good print quality are. It would be helpful if you could print, sort, and staple both sides of the paper.

Digital photographer

Inkjet printers are known to print great photos. However, to achieve results that are close to professional photographers, buy a high-quality printer.

Many give multiple ink cartridges that will save you cash over a period of time by replacing any color when it’s used up rather than buying a new three-color cartridge when 1 color runs out.


Freelancers travel a lot and require to bring their work with them. They need to print contracts, quotes, and their presentation on the go.

They need a portable printer that is light and small enough to fit in their laptop bag. This is easy to be carried in your car and can use in your hotel room or in the airport lounge.

All Business

All businesses can benefit from an all-around model such as an all-in-one printer.

It has to be able to fax letters, copy documents, scan receipts, just to name a few. It needs to be an all-around hero — easy to use, versatile, dependable, high-quality, durable, and hardworking.

These office machines are available both as inkjet printers and lasers. They also include a scanner, copier, fax machine as well as printing features to round out the versatility.

Frequently asked Questions about Printers

What type of printer should I choose?

Printers can generally be divided into various categories, based on the ink technology used: inkjet or laser. They can also be categorized based on their functions – such as: wireless printers – or the tasks for which they are best suited; example, home office printers.

How much should I spend on an inkjet printer?

You can get an inkjet printer for less than $ 150 meaning you do not have to spend much to get a high quality one.

Costly printers comes with the best features. But today, even an all-in-one printer / scanner Apple AirPrint and Wi-Fi can cost $ 160?

What is an all-in-one printer?

It is an inkjet or laser printer that can also copy and scan.

Most have Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can copy, scan and print from multiple laptops, not to mention mobile devices.

Some also offer a fax function. Some all-in-one printers have an automatic document feeder (ADF) that lets you scan and copy multi-page reports.

Should I consider a wireless printer?

Wi-Fi, also known as Wireless Internet is a great feature to look for in your new printer. This allows you to connect the device to the Internet without a cable. So you can set up your machine anywhere in your home.

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